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    Dynasty Algorithm

    • Prioritizes and promotes content from influential and consistently engaged users.
    • Assigns a high dynasty score to content created by top users to highlight their contributions.
    • Combines dynasty scores with diversity and discovery scores to provide a well-rounded feed.
    • Ensures that high-quality and influential content is prominently featured, maintaining content standards.
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    Diversity Algorithm

    • Prioritizes content that encourages users to interact with a wide range of topics and perspectives.
    • Scores content based on the diversity of tags and interactions within the user’s profile.
    • Promotes content that introduces varied topics, helping users to broaden their horizons.
    • Ensures a balanced feed that reflects a mix of different interests and viewpoints, fostering a more inclusive experience.
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    Dynamic Algorithm

    • Recommendations based on the user’s most recent interactions, ensuring that the feed remains relevant and engaging.
    • Aligns with the user’s current interests and activities, responding dynamically to changes in behavior and preferences.
    • Promoting content that reflects the user’s latest likes, shares, comments, and other interactions.
    • Works with other algorithms to maintain a dynamic, diverse, and well-rounded feed, keeping the content fresh and interesting.
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    Discernment Algorithm

    • Filters out content identified as trolling, hate speech, or emotionally manipulative, protecting users from harmful interactions.
    • Analyzes the text of each post for indicators of negative behavior by assigning low scores to trolling patterns.
    • Ensures a positive and safe user experience by reducing the visibility of posts designed to provoke or upset.
    • Works to maintain a balanced and enjoyable feed, enhancing overall content quality by excluding disruptive elements.
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    Discovery Algorithm

    • Aims to introduce users to new and unexplored content outside their usual interactions.
    • Assigns a discovery score based on how unfamiliar the content’s tags are to the user.
    • Balances familiar content with new recommendations to encourage exploration and broadening of interests.
    • Helps users discover diverse and fresh content, enhancing their overall experience.
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    Destiny Algorithm

    • Guides users towards content that aligns with their long-term goals and aspirations.
    • Assigns a destiny score based on how well content aligns with the user’s future goals.
    • Integrates destiny scores with diversity, discovery, and dynasty scores to create a balanced recommendation system.
    • Supports users in achieving their long-term objectives by providing goal-oriented content, while also keeping them engaged with current interests.
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    Agency Platform

    Streamline the creation, management, and deployment of immersive experiences for various industries and applications.

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    eXperience Over Media

    Leveraging 3d data technologies and web broadcast resources as a part of the Immersive Automation Process.

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    OasisCore™ Resources

    A look into Oasis including the quest and reward system that gamify your brand identity enriching user experiences.

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    Phase One

    Voice to Context

    Utilize to transcribe voice inputs into text, capturing lyrics or spoken content accurately. This phase ensures that the gathered text maintains the context and meaning intended by the speaker.

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    Phase Two

    Context to Story

    Leverage AI tools like Midjourney or Adobe Firefly to generate conceptual image renders based on the transcribed text. These images are then organized into a coherent storyboard that visually represents the narrative or message.

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    Phase Three

    Story to Sequence

    Use Runway ML to animate the storyboard images into a video sequence. This phase focuses on creating a dynamic visual flow that aligns with the narrative, preferably formatted in a 16:9 ratio for broad compatibility.

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    Phase Four

    Sequence to Social

    Implement algorithms to tailor the video content for optimal performance and engagement within the user’s own platform. This phase ensures the video sequences are optimized based on the specific needs and preferences of the user’s feed algorithms.

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